Last Dance

I few years ago I started putting a lot of thought into legacies and my own legacy. I became curious and concerned that my only families legacy would disappear... That the few photos of the Grandmother I never knew, my Mother’s childhood and other parts of our family life would disappear. How could I give them more life and relevance? I started to create pieces around my own legacy telling stories... some real, some a bit fantastical as I filled in the blanks and imagined another time when my mother worked in the music business in NYC, danced at Grossinger’s, had too many boyfriends to keep track of and was loving life. 
As I started to see the photos and memorabilia my mother had saved in a new light, this piece has been a labor of much love that took longer than expected to finish. ..More than anything It captures a celebrated period of time that here, happens to be visually told from my mother’s photos (I have absolutely no idea who this man is but he appears in several of her early photos and here they are at Grossinger’s and apparently won a polka contes!) EVERYTHING in this piece comes from her old albums, scrapbooks an actual 78 record that was part of her collection, and more from her life. 

😍⛅️💃🏻 ***If you are interested in this piece or other legacy pieces please contact me. I’d love to chat more about it.