Jeannine Chanin Penn is an artist whose passion and career has been a lifetime of pivoting between design and art. Growing up in NJ she would frequently spend time in NYC’s Soho galleries, the MOMA and anywhere else she could take in art and design. Her early influences ranged from Georgia O’Keefe, Monet and Picasso to Peter Max and Andy Warhol.

She studied architecture for 2 years at Washington University in St. Louis and then transferred to University of Arizona where she studied graphic design and fine art and received her BFA.

Jeannine has worked as a Creative Director/Graphic Designer for HBO, Grey Entertainment and TWBA/Chiat Day amongst others and currently has her own studio. She has received numerous awards throughout her design career. Today, Jeannine still pivots between the two but spends much of her time painting. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, cat and tortoise.


Artists Statement

My work as an artist takes two very different directions.

The first revolves around legacy where past, present (and future) generations converge creating visual stories. The inspiration stems from how I process the absence of my mother who passed away in 1989. I recall her stories and the stories about her mother from treasured photos, ephemera, and scrapbooks.

In the other, I work in abstract expressionism. I begin with fragments of a dream, an observation of nature, or the experience of exploring a new destination. The journey results in rich, textured, abstract pieces that can be experienced in a deeper and different way each time.

My work combines acrylic, ink, mixed media, photography, found objects, and collage.